Higher Education & Healthcare Solutions

Milletech has implemented/upgraded PeopleSoft application suites at many major universities and colleges. We offer a slew of services to universities and colleges that span from Student Administration to Campus Solutions with updated functionality for Student Records Administration, Academic Advising, Campus Community, Recruiting and Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Financials, Academic Advisement, and Student Self-Service

Milletech has implemented the PeopleSoft Portal for Higher Education that provides a comprehensive Internet environment specifically designed for colleges and universities. Implementation assignments include bringing together on intranet or web site all the information and transactions that an institutional community needs to conduct its business. We have successfully integrated content from PeopleSoft applications, third-party applications, and user - and institution-defined favorites.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management
PeopleSoft Human Resources Management implementation and upgrades

Milletech has acquired vast experience and a wealth of knowledge in PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management by enabling customers to analyze transactional information from PeopleSoft enterprise applications as well as other internal and external sources. Our projects included analysis of financial, operational data and providing Enterprise Performance Management applications with rich, detailed measures of actual institutional performance. We have enabled functionality that distinguishes efficient departments, programs, and activities from inefficient ones.

Milletech has been involved in large and complex PeopleSoft Human Resources Management implementation and upgrades that allows customers to extend the role of traditional human resource systems to focus not only on data collection but on providing a comprehensive knowledge base for understanding and deploying employee skills. Our implementation and upgrades touch many PeopleSoft Human Resources Management modules including Human Resources, Benefits Administration, FSA Administration, Payroll, Payroll Interface, and Time and Labor.

Milletech has built detailed technical and business models that provide a comprehensive foundation for the implementation of PeopleSoft solutions. Leveraging our vast PeopleSoft knowledge assets, and best practices, our implementation experts ensure optimal utilization of PeopleSoft technologies.