Microsoft Technology Practice

Milletech has deep expertise & strong practice teams in Microsoft Business Solutions & Technologies. We have been successfully implementing Microsoft solutions for our clients for more than 9 years along with developing industry-leading, custom & Web applications on .NET. Milletech offers comprehensive consulting, roadmap, end-to-end implementation, support & other managed services for Microsoft .NET Framework, SharePoint & Reporting Services. Our Microsoft Technology practice portfolio includes the following practices

Azure Cloud Planning & Deployment Services

Web Application Development – Microsoft .NET Technology Practice

The Microsoft .NET platform is having a significant impact on the way applications are developed for the Internet. This platform represents a major step forward for Microsoft developers, encompassing many of the object-oriented design disciplines, and managed code innovations that have become popular in e-business application development over the last few years.

The .NET architecture can help businesses better leverage the software assets they already have, and more rapidly add new software services and make them productive. It can also be employed to reduce application complexity and the related costs of developing and maintaining software. Employing open standards and Web service protocols, .NET greatly improves the interoperability of systems and helps companies more easily utilize applications and data from customers, suppliers and partners.

Our C++ expertise utilizes the object-oriented paradigm, the modern approach to developing interactive software applications for a wide variety of uses using program structures, control structures, mathematical functions, data arrays, pointers, and dynamic memory. Our Microsoft Technology team uses C++ programming strengths in developing .NET Solutions with C# which is Microsoft's object-oriented programming language that combines the power of C++ with many of the features of Java. Our Technology expertise also uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) simplifies programming in C#.

Microsoft SharePoint

We bring forth the value proposition of SharePoint & partner with customers to make them more flexible, responsive & informed decision-makers for SharePoint end applications such as enterprise intranets, portals, document & knowledge management.

Microsoft Power BI

Our Business Intelligence Practice team has the ability to undertake Business Intelligence services in the Planning, ETL design, and development Services, Reporting Analysis, Data Source Integration, Design and Development of Reports, and Dashboards. Read More

Microsoft Azure

Milletech’s Azure Cloud Deployment consulting services will help customers utilize Microsoft Azure - an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help customers meet business challenges.Read More

Microsoft BI (SPSS and SPRS)

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a platform for building high-performance data integration solutions, including extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) packages for data warehousing. Read More