Planning and Budgeting Cloud

oracle planning budgeting cloud service

Planning and Forecasting

Decision-Oriented Plans with Instant Feedback Loop
Meet the objectives of your business by creating goal-oriented driver based plans, reports and dashboards. Get an immediate sense of the state of your business plans using slick easy to create dashboards and reports that are instantaneously refreshed using in-memory calculations and fast aggregations.

What-If Modeling and Sandbox
Plan and forecast for complex business what-if scenarios by using ad-hoc scenario modeling, sandbox, and predictive features. Create multiple what-if versions and slice and dice data based on various what-if assumptions and create instant reports and PowerPoint slides.

Process and Workflow

Flexible Workflow and Process Management
Collaborate across the enterprise or with specific groups of users using data-driven, dynamic approvals powered by a state of the art workflow process.

Engage in threaded commentary and append documents to add color and substance to your numbers. Expand your numbers with on-the-fly line item detail to further elaborate your plan numbers.

Concurrency in Usage
Define planning models for your specific line of business or create unified models for the company as a whole. Collaborate across regions and groups of users using concurrent data updates and instant reporting.

User Interface

Role-Based, Intuitive User Interface
Plan using a modern, mobile, friendly, intuitive web interface, or use the familiar Excel interface.

Role-Based Navigation Flows
Create navigation flows that are tailored for groups of users based on their usage needs. Sales planners, expense planners, financial analysts, executives etc. each can have their own navigation flows.

Microsoft Office Interface
Plan and model within the familiar Microsoft Office interface and leverage the built-in integration to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Create input templates within Excel using excel formulas and formats.


External Integration
Connect to the external Cloud, Oracle Cloud, or with on-premise solutions using built-in automation tools or open interface web service capabilities. Import data from various sources including spreadsheets.

Oracle ERP Systems and Hybrid On-Premise Deployment
Take advantage of out of box integrations with Oracle ERP Cloud or leverage existing on premise Hyperion investments to deploy Planning Cloud as a hybrid solution.

Planning and Budgeting Cloud – Data Sheet

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service enables organizations of all sizes to quickly adopt world-class planning and budgeting applications with no CAPEX infrastructure investments, driving market-leading functionality beyond finance across the enterprise, with flexible deployment options and virtually no learning curve.