Research Accounting Reporting and Alerting system

ReARTS is a powerful Oracle Business Intelligence-based ready-to-deploy, plug-n-play tool specifically designed for universities’ research community. The Business Intelligence solution delivers a secure and rich end-user experience, intuitive report and dashboard creation user interface, and an easy method for application management.

ReARTS allows University Research Administrators to perform financial analysis, monitor the financial health graphically, track compliance and provide enterprise-wide reporting.

With Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (EE), Milletech is able to deliver advanced BI capabilities such as visual representation of business and financial models with granular drill down to detailed financial transactions, enterprise reporting, ad hoc query analysis, alerts, notifications and interactive dashboards -


BI infrastructure Milletech Systems

All using a single BI infrastructure.

  • Powerful analytical engine with a pre-built dashboard developed for the research community.
  • Customizable financial alerts for warnings such as over commitments, milestones due, late reports, and out-of-balance situations.
  • Flexible award by award on-the-fly balance sheets and income statements.
  • Role and responsibility-based reporting down to the department sub-department level.
  • Numerous out-of-the-box regulatory and research-related reports developed in concert with university and academic research center clients.
  • Generates complex and interactive reports.
  • Consolidates numerous reports on single page.
  • Reports can be instantaneously sorted, analyzed and reorganized.
  • Reports can be converted to PowerPoint, Excel, HTML and PDF formats.
  • Generates Financial Alerts.
  • Reports can be drilled into details for reconciliation, validation or auditing.
  • Proactive Notification of Overdrafts on grants and contracts.
  • Overview of Budgets, Encumbrances and Expenses.
  • Un-allowable expense tracking.
  • Cost Transfer after 90 days.
  • Escalation of alerts as per institutional hierarchy.
  • Reconciliation of financial data.
  • Accuracy of summarized data.
  • Milestones and delinquency alerts escalated with lapse of time.
  • Generates statutory reports with consolidation of data from various sources that helps minimize delays in filing statutory reports.
  • Centralized source of accurate, consistent and reliable reporting data that expedites consolidation, review or critically analyze reports and information.
  • Centralized compliance reporting and tracking management.
  • Reduces auditing cycle with analytics, pre-reconciled data and drill down.
  • Summary reports always tied to detailed numbers even after multi-level drill downs.
  • Enables auditors with accurate and summarized data with reconciled detailed transactions to help verify and reconcile financial data quickly.
  • Provides quick, reliable and accurate information to research community
  • Improves overall customer service to research community
  • Enhances efficiency and effectiveness at multiple levels within the organization (PI/ Department/Dean/Central Administration/Executive) managing.
  • Exclusive tools for enterprise such as:
    • Role-based Dashboards
    • Proactive Financial Alerts
    • Compliance Reports
    • Fast Track FSRs
    • Tracking Sub-recipient, un-allowable expenses and budget-expenses
  • Tracks proposals, positions, budgets expenses for stimulus fund.
  • Combined reporting of stimulus and non-stimulus data.
  • Tracks information by new construction or capital project, new employees cost in payroll and research grants in grants management at fund level.
  • Track proposals by funds and their success rates
  • Meets new transparency requirements from the government by separate reporting and combined reporting on Research.
  • Meets requirements for job creation reporting and reporting on progress to goals stated in the grant or contract.
  • PI Dashboard.
  • Executive (CFO, VP Research) Dashboard.
  • Pre- & Post-Award Dashboard.
  • AR-Billing Dashboard.
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Comprehensive BI solution for a lower TCO.
  • Achieves a unified approach to defining business data.
  • Reduces time to develop a BI solution, and the overall effort in managing.
  • Delivers rich and intuitive end-user experience.
  • Enables customers to meet industry compliance requirements.