Automated Budget Reclassification and Transfer Tool

ABRAT automates grants/awards budget reclassification, adjustments, rollover, and modifications with approvals through a workflow process. It addresses the unique needs and challenges of the Research Accounting Financial Management executives and business users in the Higher Education and Healthcare industries.

Flexible workflow configuration allows for the automation of complex business processes while maintaining documentation standards and consistency. Workflow approval ensures adherence to hierarchy, business rules, and absentee approvers while maintaining process and data consistency.

ABRAT fully integrates with any ERP Financial and HCM applications such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDE, Lawson, or Banner. All data exchanged through external systems is secure, seamless, automatic, and validated through the protocol.

Automated Cost Transfer tool

  • Automated online project budget reclassification, adjustments, rollover and modifications.
  • Browser-based and workflow-driven application.
  • Uploads budget changes through pre-formatted Excel worksheets.
  • Routes updates/changes through Approval Workflow.
  • Validation of chart fields at source.
  • Approval/Revision/Denial of Budget Adjustments, reclassification and rollover through workflow.
  • Exports Budget Transfers to Financials and finalizes revised budgets through automated process.
  • Budget transfer audit trails and log of activities.
  • Department-level security.
  • User-defined workflow and approval process.
  • Integrates with Payroll and Financial modules.
  • Budget modifications and reclassifications tracked through e-mails and Excel files.
  • Manual intervention and tracking leads to errors.
  • Audit log of corrections made to transfers before entering into financials does not exist.
  • Approvals are hard to track for want of an automated workflow process.
  • Browser-based application.
  • Built using Java, Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies.
  • Integrates with Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDE, Lawson.
  • Data exchange with diverse sources.
  • Single sign-on implementation.
  • Easy-to-use navigation.
  • Maps to organization hierarchy. Consistency in processes lead to greater predictability in response levels.
  • Increases productivity, efficiency and eliminates manual paperwork and e-mail trail. Also, reduces related errors.
  • Improves management of business processes through standardization of working methods and control of transactions.
  • Enhances tracking and reporting with accuracy. Effective cost-tracking leads to improved customer service to research community.
  • Eliminates data redundancy and need for dual maintenance.
  • Protects sensitive information.
  • Seamless automated data exchange.